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EADI Events

Seminars, Workshops, Conference & more

Our events are at the heart of our engagement with our members and with the general field of Development Studies. Our flagship event, the EADI General Conference, is Europe’s largest gathering of the development research community, and is held every three years. With around 600 participants, opportunities to connect and engage with the latest research abound. Our more frequent thematic workshops and meetings bring together professionals from certain fields for networking and peer-to-peer exchange: the annual Directors’ Meetings, the dedicated workshops for research communicators or coordinators for academic studies programmes, our expert events on specific topics, and events organised by our working groups. In addition, we regularly offer online talks and lectures. Here they are listed in chronological order.

Upcoming Events

The development landscape has never been static but in these times of uncertainty and insecurity, we are witnessing ever more profound shifts in… continue

Past Events

Are you an academic curious about how to design and enact more climate conscious travel practices? This event is for you! Join us on Wednesday, 23 November, for a Knowledge Exchange Session with…
European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI)
As part of the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability we are happy to be holding this half-day conference where we will discuss central questions in transdisciplinary research work. The conference is open…
The cooperation between researchers and practitioners during different stages of the research process has the potential to benefit both society and research supporting processes of ‘transformation’.…