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Indebting the green transition (online)

A launch of the "Debt and Green Transition" blog series

Chair: Tomaso Ferrando (U of Antwerp)

Speakers: Stephanie Garcidueñas Nieto (Antwerp); Hector Herrera (Antwerp); Frédéric Huybrechs (Antwerp); Giedre Jokubauskaite (Glasgow), Arinc Onat Kiliç (Antwerp); David Rossati (VU Amsterdam)

Discussants: Iolanda Fresnillo, EURODAD, Carolina Olarte (Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia), Andre Standing (Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements)

We build on the EADI blog series "Debt and Green Transition" to examine and discuss the multiple ways in which debt and climate change are intertwined, although often discussed separately. For example, green and sustainability bonds, green microfinance, loan-enabled ‘loss and damage’ finance and public-private blended finance are but a few of many variations of the climate change governance tools which promote debt to ‘green’ the economic system or finance the climate transition. Authors of the posts in the EADI blog series will provide their inputs on the relationship between debt and climate governance, in conversation with academics and activists who are working at the intersection between climate breakdown, political economy, and socio-ecological justice. The aim of the event is to facilitate a discussion about how to make room for a climate-friendly future that does not reinforce structural financial and economic inequalities, and to lay the foundations for long-term inter-disciplinary research around the convergence between debt and climate.


1500-15.10 introduction

15.10-15.40 reflections on a relationship between debt and climate governance (presentation by the authors, based on their blog posts)

15.40-16.00 discussants

16.00-16.30 Q&A with the audience

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