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Development in Crisis: EADI/DSA Panel at the 10th Anniversary of the Department of International Development, King's College, London

4 November 2022, 16.00 British Time, London

From the perspective of countries in the Global South, what do these crises entail at the policy level? What are the possible levers of action for policy makers, and the potential impacts of these for the most marginalised? And finally, how can development analysis inform their decision making?

This panel will explore how development studies can contribute to the understanding of policy and governance challenges in the Global South in the face of multiple crises. Speakers will talk to the effect of an unprecedented combination of factors (climate, protectionism, fuel prices, disease, war...) on global food security, the impact of the Ukraine war on the Global South (with a particular focus on geopolitical and international relations), and the policy responses
available to governments of low- and middle-income countries (with a particular focus on economic policy in South Africa).

Roger Few: Professorial Research Fellow, University of East Anglia

Christof Hartmann, Professor of Political Science, University of Duisburg Essen, Germany

Pamela Mondliwa, Special Adviser to the Ministry of Finance, South Africa

Chair: Laura Camfiel, Vice President, EADI

This panel is part of the "Development and the Emerging Economies: Looking backwards, looking forward" conference on the occasion of the 10th Year anniversary of the Department of International Development at King's college, London.

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