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Distinguished Guest Lecture: Latin America and its challenges under the new and disputed global order: Bringing Latin American structuralism to the forefront, 14 November, 15:00 CET

with Víctor Ramiro Fernández

This talk will argue that with broad systemic change, deglobalization and state return, the configuration of states and their ties to capital have generated different forms of industrialisation and regional integration. The Asian scenario has seen state configurations that prioritize subordination of capital to state objectives, leading to regional integration and global economic expansion. By contrast, the return of the State in the West (USA and EU) has been influenced by financialization, limiting their hegemonic capacity, and positioning them defensively against Asian expansion. Latin America, with a historical burden of premature deindustrialization and weak regional integration, faces specific challenges due to weak state configurations and subalternity to the hegemonic Global North. This talk demonstrates that the structuralist triangle is both a useful analytical tool, and helpful approach to issues of autonomous development.

Víctor Ramiro Fernández is Professor of Economic Geography and State Theory at Universidad Nacional del Litoral and Principal Researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET) in Argentina. He was previously Director of the Institute of Humanities and Social Science (IHUCSO – CONICET/UNL) (2016-2029) and visiting professor and lecturer at various Universities in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Chile); North America (EEUU and Canada) and Europe.

The discussant for this event is Dr. Juan Grigera, Lecturer in International Development at King's College London.

Please note that this event will be recorded.

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