Secretariat Staff

The daily operations of EADI are run by a small and dedicated team at the EADI secretariat in Bonn, Germany. Here you can find the contact details of all our team members. To see contact details of our management committee and executive committee, please have a look at our organisational structure site. The general email contact of the secretariat is postmaster(at)

Susanne von Itter
Director of the Secretariat


Susanne is Executive Secretary of EADI and holds a degree in Geography, with a focus on ecology and environment. As the Director of the EADI head office in Bonn, Germany, Susanne has worked extensively on strategic planning, research communication and management of high-level events for the association. She has coordinated seven EADI General Conferences and a large number of scientific events in Europe. She is board member of the International Accreditation Council for Global Development Studies and Research (IAC) and member of the International Advisory Committee of the City of Bonn. She is a German national and speaks English, French and Dutch. 

Christiane Kliemann


Christiane has a background in Middle Eastern Sciences and Philosophy and has worked many years as a journalist and in communications on climate change and degrowth. She has joined EADI in 2018 and is handling everything around communications, for example website, newsletter, social media and communication-related events. She is a German national and could also work in Arabic if needed. 

Basile Boulay
Senior Executive


Basile trained as a development economist with a strong emphasis on agricultural development. He obtained his PhD in 2018 and joined the EADI secretariat in 2020. At EADI, he is responsible for the co-organisation of the General Conferences and other academic events and is co-host of the Hierarchies of Development podcast. He is a French national, and happily works in English, Spanish or French.