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Knowledge Exchange Session on Pedagogical Innovations in International Development, 15 June 2023 (online)

Teaching Critical Hope with Anke Schwittay, University of Sussex

In this knowledge exchange session (two slots: 11:00-12.30 and 13.00-14.30 CEST), Anke Schwittay will present the outlines of a critical-creative pedagogy she has developed in response to her own students often feeling disillusioned and cynical when encountering hyper-critical teaching. Through whole-person learning, the use of design and arts methods and praxis, this pedagogy aims to equip students with critical hope to use their knowledge, orientations and politics to imagine heterodox ways of responding to today’s challenges. Examples from her teaching will illustrate how this pedagogy can be brought into ID classrooms and in the afternoon workshop, participants will be invited to apply this to their own pedagogical practices.

Anke Schwittay is Professor of Anthropology and Global Development at the University of Sussex in the UK. She is the author of Creative Universities: Reimagining Education for Global Challenges and Alternative Futures, which draws on her 20 years of teaching experiences in International Development in the US, New Zealand and the UK.

Read her paper "Teaching critical hope with creative pedagogies of possibilities" here

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