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Online Workshop: Co-Creating Preconditions for Inclusive and Equitable Funding in Global Academic Collaborations, 11 June 2024

14.00-16.00 CEST

The research funding landscape for North-South academic collaborations requires constant evolution to ensure inclusivity, equity, effectiveness, and impact. Addressing the funding cycle in three stages – before, during, and after – presents an opportunity for funding agencies to collaborate with the academic community and enhance support mechanisms. This workshop aims to foster dialogue for co-creating inclusive and equitable funding.


  • To identify preconditions for fostering inclusive partnerships before applying for funding, based on existing good practices of funders in encouraging equitability, inclusivity and diversity
  • To explore good practices for supporting monitoring and evaluation mechanisms during the funding process.
  • To discuss feedback mechanisms and follow-up actions post-funding to ensure accountability and impact.

Example content and methodology (subject to change):
The workshop will feature interactive sessions and group exercises focusing on:

  • Before: Preconditions for fostering inclusive partnerships, addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion, considerations, and building capacity among applicants.
  • During: Support mechanisms during the funding process, including mentorship, technical assistance, and robust M&E frameworks to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • After: Feedback mechanisms, impact assessment, knowledge sharing, and capacity building for grantees to maximize the outcomes of funded projects.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Co-created strategies and recommendations for fostering inclusive and equitable partnerships, implementing support mechanisms, and establishing feedback loops.
  • Framework for collaborative action between funding agencies and the research community.

Register hereat least five days in advance