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EADI Member Publications

Here you find a selection of the latest publications of our members. Although far from being comprehensive, this overview showcases the broad variety of our members’ work and gives some inspirations for your reading list. You can as well search the publication collection by keywords, regions, or publication types. This selection is updated constantly.

Non‐trade in the MENA revisited: systematic review and gravity analysis

Libby Lahar, Binyam Afewerk Demena, Peter van Bergeijk - P International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)

Africa-EU climate and energy diplomacy in times of geopolitical crisis

Hanne Knaepen, Poorva Karkare, Alfonso Medinilla, Koen Dekeyser - P European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

Competition and moral behavior: A meta-analysis of forty-five crowd-sourced experimental designs

Christoph Huber., Anna Dreber., Jürgen Huber, Felix Holzmeister - International Security and Development Center gGmbH (ISDC)

Access to credit and heterogeneous effects on agricultural technology adoption: Evidence from large rural surveys in Ethiopia

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics
Mekdim D. Regassa, Mohammed B. Degnet, Mequanint B. Melesse - International Security and Development Center gGmbH (ISDC)

Exposure to collective gender-based violence causes intimate partner violence

Journal of Development Economics
Wolfgang Stojetz, Tilman Brück - International Security and Development Center gGmbH (ISDC)

Compensation for atmospheric appropriation

nature sustainability
Andrew L. Fanning & Jason Hickel - Sustainability Research Institute, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds (SRI)

Food Security in the context of the war in Ukraine

Clément Steuer & Pernille Rieker - Institute of International Relations (IIR)

Resilience strategies of Filipino irregular migrant domestic workers in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 pandemic

Population, Space and Place
Lalaine Siruno & Melissa Siegel - UNU Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology UNU-MERIT

Lessons from the Indian Farmers’ Movement

Emerging solidarities in the Kisan Andolan
Amod Shah & Katie Sandwell - Transnational Institute TNI

Is US dollar hegemony under threat?

Miguel Otero Iglesias & Agustín González-Agote - Real Instituto Elcano