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Seed Panels

  • Are included in the open call for abstracts (opens in October 2022)
  • Provide a platform to present work in progress and/or innovative ideas
  • Do not necessarily require the submission of a full paper
  • Constructive feedback to applicants after submissions of papers is expected, as well as during the session

To submit an abstract for this panel, please check the FAQ section on paper management.  

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SP01 - Ending Violence Against Women: Between Uneven Rhythms and Seismic Social Change

SP02 - Mining Governance and Green Energy Transitions: Developmental Implications for the Global South

SP03 - Radical alternatives or ambivalent engagements? Development understandings from the Global South

SP04 - Inequality dynamics in Portuguese-speaking developing countries

SP05 - Inequality in crisis - Perspectives from Latin America

SP06 - Democracy and its challenges in Africa: old problems, new perspectives?

SP07 - Housing as commons: Sites of struggle and possibility

SP08 - The Future of Development and Global Education – Lessons from the Past

SP09 - Children and young people’s well-being

SP10 - Contested pathways of development: crisis, social fragmentation, and sustainability in an interdependent world

SP11 - Frugal Innovation and Digitalisation

SP12 - Twenty-First Century Countermovements and New Rhythms of Capitalist Development

SP 13 - A value discussion as starting point for trans-and interdisciplinary cooperation

SP14 - Civil Wars, Local Conflicts and Forced Displacement: causes, consequences and responses

SP15 - European crisis response: the role of citizen initiatives

SP17 - Climate change and the restructuring of agricultural value chains in the Global South

SP18 - Exploring Grassroots NGO Ecosystems: Support Structures, Networks, and Practices

SP19 - New rhythms of development – or “Déjà vu all over again, again”?

SP20 - Global value chains, multinational corporations and development

SP21 - What Is a “Development” Research Project? Transforming Ideas of Development through Development Research

SP23 - Multi-modal explorations of 'the good life' from the margins of mobilities

SP24 - Energy in Times of Unprecedented Challenges: Rethinking Off-grid Solar Technologies in the Global South

SP25 - Overcoming forced displacement and envisaging translocal development. Revisiting durable solutions and approaches towards global refugee crises

SP26 - Capacity Building for Sustainable Development – foundations, significance and prospects of a concept in its thirties

SP27 - Everyday rhythms of voluntary labour for change: beyond ‘volunteering for development’

SP28 - Mind the gap(s)? Political economy of feminist knowledge production in women, gender and development studies across global south/north divides

SP29 - Development: Towards ‘Oneness’ in thought and ‘Mindfulness’ in action

SP30 - Rural/urban space in sub-Saharan Africa and the dynamics of climate change

SP31 - Gender, Violence, and Leadership

SP32 - New rhythms of development at community level: Ideas to achieve & scale-up climate resilience & transformational change

SP33 - Rethinking Knowledge for Development in the 21st Century: Actors, Tools and Processes

SP34 - New food policy for sustainable food systems

SP35 - Heatwaves and urban resilience: citizen, government, and private sector responses

SP36 - Transnational Lived Citizenship and the Rhythms of Development: The multiple performances of diaspora within and across borders

SP37 - Decolonising global development: What does it mean to work with marginalised communities in neoliberal academia?

SP38 - New rhythms from below: Disentangling civic agency for development