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EADI Working Groups

EADI’s more than 15 interdisciplinary Working Groups are smaller networks in action. They organise events, conference panels and publications, thereby providing cross-European exchange-platforms for different fields of Development Studies They meet up to twice a year. You are cordially invited to join any existing Working Group or establish a new one.

Call for Activity

EADI invites you to establish a new Working Group or to express your interest in collaborating with an existing EADI Working Group.

EADI has the following types of working groups:

  • A network of institutes and individuals to exchange information, discuss research in progress and publish completed research.
  • A group jointly pursuing research on a specific topic, with the intention of reporting the findings in a publication at the end of its work.
  • A group providing joint input or service to development research or training, e.g., the Information Management and Training Working Groups.

Contact the EADI Secretariat

Working Group Guidelines

Read in this note about:

  • The constitutional aspects of the Working Groups and their relationship with other parts of EADI.
  • The roles of the Working Groups.
  • The organisation of the Working Groups.
  • How EADI supports Working Groups.
  • The procedures for establishing a Working Group.

Working Group Guidelines