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Virtual Book Launch "Green Academia. Towards Eco-Friendly Education Systems" by Sayan Dey

15.00 CET

The book "Green Academia. Towards Eco-Friendly Education Systems" studies the importance of adopting Green Academia as a systemic long-term counter-intervention strategy against any form of impending pandemics in the post-COVID era and beyond. It argues that anti-nature and capitalistic knowledge systems have contributed to the evolution and growth of COVID-19 across the globe and emphasizes the merits of reinstating nature-based and environment-friendly pedagogical and curricular infrastructures in mainstream educational institutions. The volume also explores possible ways of weaving ecology and the environment as a habitual practice of teaching and learning in an intersectional manner with Science and Technology Studies. With detailed case studies of the green schools in Bhutan and similar practices in India, Kenya, and New Zealand, the book argues for different forms of eco-friendly education systems and the possibilities of expanding these local practices to a global stage.


Diana Fox, University Director, Institute for Gender and Development Studies, Regional Coordinating Office, The University of the West Indies, Regional Headquarters, Mona, Jamaica, W.I.


Vijay Kolinjivadi, Post-doc researcher, Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Facilitation: Christiane Kliemann (EADI)

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