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The Politics and Political Economy of Economic Transformation

This is a joint EADI/DSA group. Please also visit the DSA Study Group for other information and documents.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Development Studies was dominated by the work of early development economists – many of whom employed an interdisciplinary approach to the study of economic development. Central to their work – e.g. the work of Albert Hirschman – was an emphasis on the political analysis of economic transformation. In the decades that followed, attempts to refine disciplinary boundaries has contributed to a multi-disciplinary emphasis. Scholarship has consistently called for ‘the return of politics’ and political economy to questions of economic transformation. Economic transformation itself remains an important part of the development process. Traditionally defined as industrialization, many developing countries now face the threat of deindustrialization and questions of green transitions. How should these processes be understood and studied beyond economics to consider the politics of economic transformation?

Core Topics

interested in subjects related to the politics/political economy of economic transformation. Specifically:

  1. Industrial Policy, Global Value Chains and Structural Change
  2. Green transitions
  3. Political Economy of Finance/Financialisation
  4. State-Business Relations
  5. Comparative Political Economy of Sectors or Macro-Political Economy of Countries
  6. Political Economy of Commodities
  7. Macro-political economy and government strategy in late developing countries
  8. Economic transformation and the analysis of formal institutions (democracy, autocracy) or democratic transitions

Aims of the Group

  1. To provide a collective space of engagement for scholars (of various career stages and backgrounds and disciplines) to collaborate and discuss topics related to the politics/political economy of economic transformation
  2. To have an emphasis on supporting early career scholarship in particular in the area of politics/political economy of economic transformation
  3. To encourage networking opportunities across Europe and the Global South on topics related to the politics/political economy of economic transformation


Pritish Behuria
Global Development Institute, University of  Manchester

Andy Sumner
King's College, London and EADI President