Climate-Resilient Development and Transformational Change

At the moment when the window of opportunity is closing to avert irreversible environmental damages, such as runaway climate change, biodiversity loss and unsustainable use of resources, it is more important than ever that EADI had a Working Group on environment-related topics.

What are the core topics?

Core topics covered by this group orientate towards tangible change of resource use (transformational in nature) by actors impacted by climate change, unsustainable production and consumption patterns as well as dysfunctional distributions at all levels.

What are our aims? What do we want to achieve as a Working Group?

The aim of the WG is to provide an effective platform to researchers and practioners for promoting and communicating innovative research, teaching and development practices. The WG especially aims at showcasing innovative approaches and replicable case studies which successfully address negative environmental, social, economic and political impact of unsustainable resource use, and show ways and means to transformational change towards sustainable production and consumption patterns as demanded by the Paris accord, MDGs and related concepts. Theoretical insights will be developed from the empirical evidence.