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SP01 - Ending Violence Against Women: Between Uneven Rhythms and Seismic Social Change

Convened by Adam Moe Fejerskov ( Danish Institute for International Studies), Meron Zeleke, Dereje Feyissa (Addis Ababa University) and Lars Engberg-Pedersen (Danish Institut for International Studies)

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Ending forms of violence against women and girls all over the world remains a preeminent challenge of our generation. The complexity of VAW is such that its solutions may not be scripted on sheet music, transmissible as a formula for others to repeat. The dynamic and nonlinear forms of social change required to confront such inequalities are unlikely to be instigated or controlled through intervention and instead often emerge endogenously in societies. Still, normative frameworks (e.g. SDGs), programmatic methodologies (e.g. social norms approaches), and politico-legal undertakings (e.g. domestic reform) continuously attempt to do so, from the hope that processes of change may at least be catalyzed. 

This panel explores the intricacies of VAW dynamics in the Global South, with a focus on the drivers and inhibitors of change, aiming to bring together scholars working on how actors and politics mediate the relationship between dissimilar global and local norms, cultures and practices towards the elimination of VAW. We invite papers exploring how VAW is addressed in national politics, local development efforts, as well as the role of global and local norms in shaping these struggles.