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EADI Papers

To support our members with analyses of deeper and broader issues relevant to their work, we occasionally publish our own papers on topics with specific importance for the field of Development Studies.

EADI Papers

Legal Frameworks and Political Space for Non-Governmental Organisations: An Overview of Six Countries: Phase II

Rachel Hayman, Angela Crack, Joan Okitoi & Sarah Lewis -
There has been increasing concern to understand the realities that affect how international and local NGOs operate in many countries. Globally, there is high-level agreement on the value of greater inclusion of civil society within policy-making processes, resulting in commitments to put in place an enabling environment for civil society to function. In some countries progressive legislation is being passed to facilitate this.

Legal Frameworks and Political Space for Non-Governmental Organisations: An Overview of Six Countries

Rachel Hayman, Thomas Lawo, Angela Crack, Tiina Kontinen, Joan Okitoi & Brian Pratt -
This study examines the legal frameworks and political space for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to operate in selected countries in order to suggest appropriate approaches for supporting civil society in difficult political contexts. The cases examined were Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Uganda.

The Post-2015 Development Agenda: A Review of the Debate and Potential Elements of a Joint EU Strategy

Andrew Sumner & Thomas Lawo -
This paper seeks to capture the major elements of global development efforts through the MDGs and in preparing for a global development agenda beyond the year 2015 to contribute to the post-2015 discussion.

Global Poverty Reduction: The last 20 years and the next 20 years

Andrew Sumner -
The paper looks backwards at trends in poverty reduction during the MDG period (1990 – present) and the impacts of the MDGs. It looks forward and makes projections for levels and patterns of poverty over the next 10-20 years and discusses emergent issues including the ‘new geography of poverty’.

The Urban Challenge: Researching the Politics of the Urban Environment in the Global South

David Jordhus-Lier -
This paper is an attempt to outline some concepts and discourses which can point towards a research agenda on cities in the global South. While there are many possible points of entry in this complex field, the paper focuses on the environmental transformations generated by urbanisation in developing countries. But how can we integrate an environmental perspective into a social science research agenda – theoretically and in practice?