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Member Benefits for Organisations

Promote your research
Disseminate your work

At EADI, we offer two types of membership for organisations: a basic and a premium membership. You can find out more about the advantages of each type of membership model, as well as the respective annual membership fee structure through our membership factsheet. These benefits are also summarised below:

Basic Members:

Premium Members:

Your events, conferences and news actively promoted in EADI information services and website.

  • Your own institutional profile page on the EADI website which gives enhanced visibility to your publications, news and training.
  • All updated for you by the EADI Secretariat

EADI: Your voice promoting development studies

...all this in close consultation with our members and partner networks

Contribute to the European debate on development

Basic members:

  • Join one of our pan-European, multidisciplinary working groups and benefit from an exchange with peers, or initiate a working group.
  • Contribute to the EADI General Conferences and receive registration discounts.
  • Make your institute known as important actor in the community

Premium Members:

Network with European development players

Basic and premium members:

Receive Discounts and Access to EADI Publications

Basic members:

Premium Members:

Benefits for Individual and Student Members

  • Join one of our pan-European, multidisciplinary working groups.
  • Contribute to the EADI General Conferences and receive registration discounts.
  • Stay up to date on the latest project opportunities, studies and updates in European Development Research.
  • Receive a personal login for free online access to the EJDR.

More about Student Membership

As an information broker, a platform for networking and a facilitator in building international research projects, EADI is at the forefront of promoting development studies on a European scale.

Networking opportunities at meetings (Directors‘ Meetings and General Conferences) have enabled me to engage with experts and colleagues from a broad range of European countries.

Andy Sumner,
King’s International Development Institute at King’s College London