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Welcome to the EADI Blog!

We cordially invite you to join this blog which we have set up as a discussion platform for the international development research community. The world is facing dramatic changes and challenges and so is science. What is the role of development research in these times and what are the most pressing issues it needs to address? What are the different existing positions on these issues, where are open questions and what requires further elaboration? What makes sense in relation to the larger picture and where do scientists need to take a stand?

This blog invites you to share your opinion, thoughts and insights on everything that might be of interest to the broader community – and of course also on articles that appear on our blog. If you disagree with something you read here, feel free to let us know and tell us why. We explicitly encourage discussion, and hope that a diversity of positions will enrich everyone’s perspective.

To showcase the wide range of approaches and research areas our members represent, we feature research projects or studies from our member institutes and organisations, as well as outstanding blog articles from their websites. Sometimes we also publish thought-provoking pieces from other sources when we feel that the covered topics are of broader interest and could trigger fruitful discussions.

Below you find the most recent blogposts, linking you directly to the EADI Debating Development Research Blog where you can also subscribe to get notified whenever a new post is published. This happens around two to five times a month. Enjoy the read!

Recent Blogposts

German Development Policy – Between Global Needs and National Debates

Sven Grimm - European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI)
The global crises are numerous and the requirements for international engagement are increasing for Europe – and eyes are turning to Germany, the largest country in the EU. Multiple crises require a wide range of measures: from climate policy and the closely related energy transition to securing trade routes in the Gulf of Aden, from responding to diplomatic and humanitarian needs in the Middle East and the Sahel to providing financial and military support for Ukraine. How does all this shape the context for German development policy change? What political developments are likely to drive German global engagement?

From Development Policy to International Cooperation? Europe’s Evolving agenda in a Geopolitical Era

Pauline Veron, Andrew Sherriff - European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI)
The idea that the normative foundations of European development policy would be somewhat immune from geopolitics and national political shifts was always wishful thinking. As policy priorities are being rethought and rewritten, a more openly transactional and self-interested approach to foreign policy and economic relations is gaining momentum. Development policy (and ODA spending) in Europe is increasingly being presented as part of a wider approach to international cooperation rather than something distinct.

From Content Production to Meaningful Engagement: A Collective Reflection on Communicating Development Research Online

Lize Swartz - European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI)
The communications landscape around us is changing — seemingly at breakneck speed. Since our last meeting as EADI Research Communications Working Group more than five years ago, especially the online communications environment has all but been transformed.