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Welcome to our New Executive Committee

Last week was an exciting moment for EADI: the General Assembly which meets every three years elected Andy Sumner as new EADI President, and also a new Executive Committee, a new Deputy President, three Vice-Presidents, and a new treasurer.

Andy Sumner, as the elected President of EADI will shape future activities with a dedicated team of Vice Presidents and the Executive Committee. Deputy President Katja Bender will coordinate EADI activities around research. Vice-President Alfredo Saad-Filho will lead on strengthening networks between the global South and North; Iliana Olivié, Vice-President and new country representative for Spain, will take on the policy engagement and advocacy brief. Vice-President and country representative for Ireland, Nita Mishra, will be VP for the area of education and training, developing EADI’s work to support students and early career researchers. Marcin Grabowski, our new country representative for Poland, has taken over the role of our treasurer.

Consisting of elected representatives from every European country with institutional EADI members, the Executive Committee also welcomes several further new members: Maria Martin de Almagro (Belgium), Zdeněk Opršal (Czech Republic), Sanja Tišma (Croatia), Patricia Justino (Finland), Hugo Pilkington (France), Anna Khakee (Malta), Lau Schulpen (Netherlands), Alexandre Abreu (Portugal), Stefan Cibian (Romania), Jana Arbeiter (Slovenia), and Esra Elif Nartok (Turkey). A warm welcome to all of you!

Petra Dannecker (Austria), Adam Moe Fejerskov (Denmark), Sven Grimm (Germany), Magdolna Sass (Hungary), Nita Mishra (Ireland), Maria Sassi (Italy), Darley Jose Kjosavik (Norway), Jonas Ewald (Sweden), Alessandro Monsutti (Switzerland) and Laura Camfield (UK) served on the previous Executive Committee and were re-elected, and we look forward to continuing working together.

We take this opportunity to thank the members of our previous Executive Committee for their time, effort, and dedication they gave to EADI. We wish them all the best for their future and hope to keep in touch. Our thanks go toKoen Vlassenroot(Belgium) Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň (Czech Republic) Paola Minoia (Finland) Charlotte Guénard (France), Stefano Moncada (Malta), Kees Biekart (Netherlands), Pedro Goulart (Portugal), Simona Moagar-Poladian (Romania), Bostjan Udovic (Slovenia), and Antonio Sianes (Spain).

Once again, we would like to thank our previous President Henning Melber for six years of tireless engagement for EADI, his enthusiasm and good leadership. We express our gratitude for Jürgen Wiemann for 25 years of commitment to EADI as Deputy President. Our thanks go also to Uma Kothari and Laura Camfield who have acted as Vice Presidents for many years and always enriched the association with their ideas. Laura Camfield will continue as national representative for UK.

We look forward to cooperating with all the new and old Executive Committee Members to strengthen development studies in these challenging times with our focus on our networking with the associations of the global South, engaging with policy and advocacy debates, and supporting the next generation of researchers.