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Successful Accreditation of the Master in Development Studies Programme, National University of Samoa

We are delighted to announce the successful accreditation of the Master in Development Studies (MDS) Programme at Centre for Samoan Studies, University of Samoa, by the IAC/EADI International Accreditation Council for Global Development Studies and Research.

The programme  was launched in 2013 aiming at contributing to human resources development in Samoa, supporting the Key Outcome 7 of the Strategy for the Development of Samoa for “Education and training aligned to national human resource development priorities”.

Aligned with Samoa Qualifications Framework (2012), the Development Studies programme offers its students the opportunity to examine development in the context of Samoa and today’s globalizing world, giving consideration to various factors that affect development such as civil and political, cultural, historical and economic development issues of concern to developing world.

The National University of Samoa (NUS) is a public university in the Pacific island-nation of Samoa. Its roots go back to 1984 when the university was established by an Act of Parliament, responding to the Ministry of Education’s proposal the year before. With only 45 students in the beginning, the NUS has developed to be a well-respected university in the region, currently with more than 3,000 enrolled students. The Centre for Samoan Studies (CSS) was established in 1999 after years of planning, offering courses/degree in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Samoan Language, Customs and Culture, as well as Development Studies.

This programme targets middle managers in both the public and private sectors. It is also geared towards those who are generally interested in the economy, the environment and social cultural issues affecting society and the sustainable livelihood of people in Samoa as well as in the Pacific region. The MDS provides a good understanding of the key issues surrounding development in a developing island nation like Samoa.

The IAC / EADI Council stated that “with its unique location in Samoa, the MDS programme seeks to provide learners with comprehensive and critical understanding of the field of Development Studies. Students are expected to gain in-depth knowledge in achieving inclusive and sustainable economic and social development at the local, national and global level.”. The peer reviewers congratulate the programme for the dedication of the MDS management team, the teaching staff from both the Centre and Faculties, the helpful support staff, the enthusiastic students with their high level of motivation, interests, skills and open attitudes; the multi-disciplinary and richness of the curriculum amongst other matters. The IAC Council made a number of recommendations according the IAC / EADI criteria towards the programme, and for developing the programme’s potential to further improve its position in the region.

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For more information about the MDS programme contact Togialelei Dr Safua Akeli-Amaama (Director, Centre for Samoan Studies, NUS) Tel: 20072 and Email: