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New Open Access Book: Social Accountability Initiatives in Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon

Social Accountability Initiatives in Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon

Detailed country chapters provide a solid basis for the comparative approach which reveals major variations in meanings of accountability, mobilization strategies, and official responses, rooted in the specific sociopolitical contexts of each country. Moreover, the book analyzes the influence of political and economic elites as well as the nature of popular mobilisation on accountability dynamics in the region. The authors conclude by discerning differences and commonalities across cases and offer recommendations for policymakers, donors, and practitioners seeking to enhance the effectiveness of social accountability initiatives. They address challenges such as the lack of enforcement mechanisms, the difficulty of scaling up initiatives, and the ambiguous effects of international interventions.

This pioneering Pivot fills a significant void in the study of social accountability in the MENA region and provides a compelling framework for future research and policy design, making it an indispensable resource for experts and scholars.

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