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Looking back, looking forward: We celebrate our 50 birthday - Submit your ideas!

Dudley Seers, the first President of EADI said in his work programme for EADI that "we need to discard the idea that there is such a subject as "their" problem of development, and accept that we are all dealing with common, worldwide problems - though they take different forms in different parts of the world" (The EADI Story 1999 page 91).

The world today is facing multiple crises. We intend to look ahead and assess what we expect from the next 50 years – and how the world will develop from here.

During this jubilee year, we would like to critically assess and reflect:

On development studies as such, but also on topics brought up by our working groups and members over the years, and on today's challenges.

We intend to create a kaleidoscope of various aspects, of various views – and perhaps rearrange the kaleidoscope to understand where the world might be going.

We intend to create a calendar of events and kindly ask you to contribute to it with local, regional, or international events that would fit under the umbrella of the jubilee year.

The EADI Secretariat will work closely with you to communicate and highlight these events. They can be in person or online. They should involve the younger generation of scholars.

Let's reflect on the past but embrace the future!

We would be delighted to receive your proposals. To be able to create a first overview of planned activities, we invite you to submit a proposal by the end of October 2023 via this form

It is of course also possible to submit additional ideas and activities throughout the jubilee year.

Download the call for contributions in PDF format