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EADI Virtual Dialogue: Indebting the green transition: critical notes on the expansion of green bonds in the South

3 November, 15.00 CET

Green Bonds are nothing but a new form of raising debt and are increasingly being promoted throughout the Global South as a low cost and appealing way for public and private actors to access liquidity and contribute to climate change mitigation and (although in a limited way) adaptation.

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This talk will rely on the ongoing work conducted by the “Green Bonds in the South” collective to provide a multi-disciplinary and critical overview of green bonds as socio-legal financial constructions that risk to reproduce historical patterns on uneven development and crystallize a vision of the South as a spatial and temporal fix for systemic problems mainly produced in the North.

Dr. Tomaso Ferrando is Research Professor at the Faculty of Law (Law and Development) and Institute of Development Policy (IOB) at the Univrsity of Antwerp. He holds a PhD in private international law from Sciences Po University and has been previously affiliated with the Faculty of Law of Bristol, Warwick, Harvard, Sao Paulo, Cape Town and Turin. His two main research interests are the financialization of the ‘green’ transition and the role of law (trade, investments, competition, etc.) in the creation of just, equitable and regenerative food systems. He currently serves as senior advisor for the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to food, Professor Michael Fakhri.

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