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Global Development Studies at the University of Helsinki

Development Studies at the University of Helsinki is a discipline within the Faculty of Social Sciences. The staff is composed by two professors, two assistant professors (tenure track), four lecturers, and by a changing number of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Development Studies as a discipline is offered at the Bachelor and Master level within the pluridisciplinary Society and Change programme, as well as at the PhD level. The discipline examines development, poverty, inequality as well as social, political, environmental and cultural changes and continuities in the Global South from a multidisciplinary perspective. Development studies has expanded at the University of Helsinki from being strictly centred on the developing countries to include diverse South-North relations in our globalising world. Our research concentrates on global political economics, globalisation and development, institutions and development policy, environmental management, natural resources policy, urban issues, justice and cultural diversity, religion and development, and alternative forms of development in the Global South.

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