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Complutense Institute of International Studies


Since its inception, the ICEI has contributed to the international projection of the Complutense University of Madrid through its research, its graduate teaching, collaboration with other institutions for the implementation of academic activities aimed at specialists in the various disciplinary fields and its momentum to scientific and technological equipment developed by young researchers. This has been complemented by efforts to consolidate the internal structure of the Institute, especially in the field of finance, as a prerequisite to ensure the continuity of projects and activities in the coming years.

Advanced research and quality are the other priority dimension of the University and, of course, has done a remarkable ICEI activity ranging from projects already established in previous years, as the development of key work of the World Economy, new research on economic, social and labor relations, effects of scientific and technological innovation and international cooperation. Many of these research projects have been established with a multi-range, due precisely to its scientific importance.

The Institute's participation in various European scientific networks, developed under the V framework program of the European Union and other programs funded with Community budgets, shows much more than any other argument the quality of research being conducted within it.

It's mission is to contribute to the outreach of Spain, the Madrid and Universidad Complutense, being an open forum for discussion and analysis that are invited to participate to the entire scientific community, politics, business and society general civil. Therefore aims to eventually become, in collaboration with other institutions, a hub for international scientific activities.

The key objectives guiding the work of the Institute are:
- Developing its own line of research and teaching.
- The international project management that can be led by the University.
- Advice to public administrations, companies and other institutions in their international expansion.
- International projects that can be led by the University.

Finca Mas Ferré, Edificio A
Campus de Somosaguas, entrada 3
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)
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