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RT12 - New rhythms or familiar chords? Questioning the additionality of citizen aid actors in reaching the SDGs

Convened by Sara Kinsbergen (Radboud University, The Netherlands), Hanne Haaland and Hege Wallevik (University of Agder, Norway)

In this round table we will discuss the possible additional role of small-scale, voluntary development organisations in the (changing) field of international development cooperation. We both zoom in on their role in the global north (global citizenship) and their role in the global south (e.g. what role is there for CIGS in times of shifting power & decolonization of development? )

This round table will build on the edited volume 'The Rise of Small-Scale Development Organisations: The Emergence, Positioning and Role of Citizen Aid Actors' (Routledge, publication expected Spring 2023). Both with contributors to the book as with other scholars and professionals in the field, we will discuss the alleged additional role of this particular actor in the changing field of international development. The discussion will both touch upon their role in humanitarian aid as in development cooperation. We will reflect on the role of citizen aid actors in the global north, where we zoom in on the topic of global citizenship. In addition, we will discuss their role in the global south, where we will question the particular role, if any, this development actor plays in times of shifting power and decolonising development.

(Tentative) speakers:
Allison Schnable