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RT05 - The contribution of Amílcar Cabral

Convened by Aurora Almada (NOVA FCSH), Filipe Calvão (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva), Mike Powell (Emergent Works Ltd.), Pedro Goulart (CAPP, ISCP, University of Lisbon) and Rui Lopes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Amílcar Cabral, leader of the successful battle for self-determination in Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde and a leading thinker on the anti-colonial struggle and of the type of development it should aspire to, was assassinated on January 20th, 1973.  The forthcoming anniversary of his assassination (and of his birth in 1924) offers an opportunity to reflect on his continuing relevance for the times in which we live. The roundtable will gather different participants knowledgeable about different key facets of his life and work. This includes:

  • “Cabral, development and livelihoods”
  • “Cabral, culture and knowledge decolonization”
  • “Cabral, the person”
  • “Cabral and international politics”
  • “Cabral and his memory/legacy today”

This roundtable intends to engage academics, practitioners and activists. Its aim is to reach, involve and connect potential audiences in a number of spheres:

  • Within the Lusophone world, where Amílcar Cabral is better known, to consider his legacy in respect of the memories of the past and their connection to the formation of a present-day progressive identity.
  • More internationally, and especially within the Anglophone world where his work is unknown to inform and discuss the foundational importance of his work to issues such as: people-based development strategies; gender equity; culture, identity and knowledge and their centrality to human progress; practical and ontological approaches to an ecologically sound development; and  the impact of his work and legacy in conceptualizing and understand ‘new rhythms of development’.

(Tentative) speakers:
Aharon de Grassi
António Tomás
Carlos Lopes
Filipa César
Silvia Roque
Vitor Barros

This panel is organised as part of the activities of the 'Institutions and Development in Portuguese Speaking Countries' working group.