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Peer Review Team

Composition of a Peer Review Team

  • IAC/EADI appoints a Peer Review Team for the study programs to be accredited, with reasonable consideration being given to the recommendations of the requesting programme
  • The Peer Review Team is composed of at least 2 peer reviewers/experts, a secretary and a student or alumnus, upon decision by IAC/EADI
  • The members of a Peer Review Team for a particular accreditation request are selected from among the persons on the IAC/EADI Peer Reviewers Register maintained by the EADI secretariat
  • The members of a Peer Review Team should in principle not work in the country of the programme to be accredited
  • When national regulations ask for it, the composition of the Peer Review Team can be adapted by the Accreditation Council
  • All Peer Review Team members have to sign a declaration of independence
  • Members of the Accreditation Council can be nominated as member of a Peer Review Team, but then cannot participate in the decision upon the respective accreditation


Potential Peer Review team members can be nominated by members of EADI, the requesting programme or by members of the Accreditation Council


  • A potential Peer Reviewer is appointed for a period of 5 years and added to the Register when her/his nomination is approved by the Accreditation Council Meeting upon recommendation by the Chair
  • A Peer Reviewer can be reappointed
  • The IAC/EADI Peer Reviewers Register is maintained by the EADI secretariat