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EADI-ISS Conference 2020 postponed

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30 Mar 2020

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has forced EADI and ISS to postpone their joint conference planned for late June/early July (in The Hague) to next year (5-8 July 2021).

This implies that the Development Dialogue (PhD conference) as well as other events linked to the EADI-ISS conference also will be postponed to next year. The unanimous decision by EADI and ISS also was driven by the conviction to leave no-one behind: especially the Global South is hit hard by the current crisis. The EADI-ISS Conference Team is convinced all preparations and lessons of the past years will contribute to an even more successful and inspiring event in 2021.

New Initiative on Climate Change, Sustainable Development and the Environment, first virtual session on 27 February, 4pm UTC

Read more: New Initiative on Climate Change, Sustainable Development and the Environment, first virtual session on 27 February, 4pm UTC
27 Feb 2019

In preparation of the EADI General Conference “Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice” in June 2020, our Working Group on the Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development is reaching out for topics, good ideas and new participants.

About the Working Group

Despite its rise in prominence over the past decade, the concept of governance remains rather nebulous, with both narrow or broad interpretations. A narrower definition (e.g., that of the World Bank) focuses on public administration management and institutional development, with measures concentrating on capacity building of executive institutions. A broad concept places greater emphasis on normative dimensions, that is the openness, accountability and transparency of government institutions, with a clear resonance with democratic principles and practices. Additionally, a broader approach entails not only encouraging reform within executive institutions, but also strengthening external mechanisms of executive accountability, including outside of state-related institutions, that is the arena of civil society.

The Working Group does not want to be restrictive in its interpretation of governance and it is this broad concept of governance that constitutes the subject area of the group, with attention given to both theoretical and policy issues. The Group also encourages a comparative dimension, investigating governance reforms in different regions of the world, focusing on both developing and transition countries.


Gordon Crawford
Research Professor in Global Development
Coventry University

Liisa Laakso
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Helsinki

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