EADI Working Group Webinar Series

The EADI Working Group Webinar Series has been running successfully since 2017. It gives participants the opportunity to engage with critical thinkers and innovative new research findings.

Development Studies is a multi- and inter-disciplinary field of study rather than a single discipline. EADI Webinars showcase this diversity and highlight the interplay between social, economic, political, technological, ecological, cultural and gendered aspects of societal change on local, national, regional and global levels.

EADI Webinar #6 | 22 June 2018 | Citizenship and Civil Society in Development

The first webinar of the Civil Society and Citizenship in Development Working Group invites everyone interested to join the session (and the group) and share approaches and ideas.

The Working Group is coordinated by Tiina Kontinen (Finland), Marianne Milstein (Norway), and Kees Biekart (Netherlands), all from different disciplinary backgrounds.

The webinar starts with short snapshots on issues concerning agency, citizenship and civic space from the three organizers, providing their different perspectives and approaches. The short talks are followed by Q+A and discussion.

Everyone is welcome to join!

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Past Webinars

EADI Webinar #5 | 9 May 2018 | Prof Peter Knorringa  (International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Erasmus University Rotterdam)

"Frugal Innovation and Development"  

EADI Webinar #4 | 2 May 2018 | Dr Ana E. Carballo (University of Melbourne, Australia)

"Discursive synergies across Buen Vivir, Degrowth and Human Development"

EADI Webinar #3 | 16 February 2018 | Prof Aram Ziai (University of Kassel, Germany)

"Ethiopians in Zhengistan- Decolonising Development Policy"

EADI Webinar #2 | 18 January 2018 | Dr Rosalba Icaza Garza (Institute of Social Studies, ISS, The Netherlands)

"Decolonial Feminism and Development"

EADI Webinar #1 | 20 October 2017 |Dr Epifania Amoo-Adare (Accra, Ghana)

"(Un)thinking Science: Critical Literacies for 'Postnormal' Times"