“Conflicts, Security and Development” Working Group

Today, armed conflicts and insecurity are concentrated in the poorest countries, which will seriously hinder their development. At the same time, mitigation of conflicts and peace-building have become part of development analysis and policies and development work.

What are the core topics?

The Working Group focusses, on one hand, on analyzing how coherent the development and other policies are in conflict situations. On the other, the role of regions and regional organisations in conflict mitigation and peace-building will be examined.

What are the aims? What do we want to achieve as a Working Group?

The Working Group aims to build intellectual links between development research and conflict analysis and thereby to contribute to European policy analyses on (post-)conflict situations in developing countries. We wish to connect researchers interested in these topics to join discussions and prepare joint publications.


New EADI programme: Develop your talents!

Read more: New EADI programme: Develop your talents!
02 Oct 2017

The EADI Mentoring Programme “Develop Your Talents” provides young scholars with the chance to exchange with someone further advanced in their career. The mentoring does not offer professional coaching to the mentees, but accompaniment on a younger sister/elder sister level. As some of our mentors are also active in the Working Groups, opportunities for further collaboration may arise.

Webinar: EADI Working Group on “Post-colonial Perspectives on and within Development Studies”.

Read more: Webinar: EADI Working Group on “Post-colonial Perspectives on and within Development Studies”.
02 Oct 2017

On 20 October 2017 at 1400 hrs Central European Time (GMT +2 hrs) the EADI Working group will organise a webinar with the following topics:.

1. Dr. Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha, Ph.D Topic: Did Postcolonial Studies fail to emancipate the consciousness of the colonized self? How can one explain the chasm between Postcolonial theory and practice?  2. Dr. Epifania Amoo-Adare Topic: (Un)thinking Science: Critical Literacies for 'Postnormal' Times Dr. Amoo-Adare is Associated Researcher at Center for Development Research (ZEF).

About this Working Group

On the occasion of the EADI General Conference in Geneva, June 2008, the proposal on establishing an EADI Working Group on the theme ‘Conflicts and Development’ came out both during the General Assembly as well as individually among several participating scholars. There seems to be an increasing academic interest and policy need for examining the interconnections between security and development and in particular the role of development interventions in (post-)conflict situations. Traditionally these themes belong to the ‘gray’ area between development studies, conflict studies and international relations/security studies. Particularly in the Nordic countries, there has been a fruitful intellectual link between development research and peace research, and it appears worthwhile to (re-)examine this link. We also believe that development studies may substantively contribute to European policy analyses on (post-)conflict situations in developing countries.


Activities of the group will focus on two areas of research, the micro-level dynamics of conflicts, and the macro-level policies towards them. Under the leadership of Prof. Shanmugaratnam, first area will address in particularly comparative analyses of case studies. The second area, led by Dr. Siitonen, will seek to analyse European policies vis-à-vis the case studies.


Lauri Siitonen
University of Helsinki

Prof. Harlan Koff
University of Luxembourg

Latest Publications on Conflict