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EADI Member Publications

Here you find a selection of the latest publications of our members. Although far from being comprehensive, this overview showcases the broad variety of our members’ work and gives some inspirations for your reading list. You can as well search the publication collection by keywords, regions, or publication types. This selection is updated constantly.

Diverging diasporas

Oliver Bakewell - Global Development Institute (GDI)

Deciding whether it’s too late: How climate activists coordinate alternative futures in a post-apocalyptic present

in: Geoforum
Joost de Moor & Jens Marquardt - Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP)

Cultural liberalism in Eastern and Western Europe: a societal antidote to democratic backsliding?

Aurelia Ananda & James Dawson - Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR)

Contact-based interfaith programmes in schools and the changing religious education landscape: negotiating a worldviews curriculum

in: Journal of Beliefs and Values
Lucy Peacock - Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR)

Aesthetic labor in religious contexts: Women encountering modest dress in the workplace in the UK and Saudi Arabia

in: Fashion Theory
Reina Lewis & Kristin Aune - Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR)

8 billion people: why trying to control the population is often futile – and harmful

Melanie Channon & Jasmine Fledderojann - Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath (CDS)

Income Distribution and Redistribution in Ireland A Geographical Exploration by Professor Emeritus Jim Walsh 2022

James A. Walsh - Maynooth University Social Science Institute MUSSI

Politicising land subsidence in Jakarta: How land subsidence is the outcome of uneven sociospatial and socionatural processes of capitalist urbanization

Bosman Batubara, Michelle Kooy, Margreet Zwarteveen - P Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)

Networked geographies of private landlordism: mapping flows of capital accumulation and rent extraction

Housing Studies
Cody Hochstenbach - P Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)

Social warfare for lithium extraction? Open-pit lithium mining, counterinsurgency tactics and enforcing green extractivism in northern Portugal

Energy Research & Social Science
Alexander Dunlap, Mariana Riquito - P Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)  |  P Department of International Environment and Development Studies (Noragric)