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The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Beyond “Technical Quick Fix”: The Case of Hydro-Development in the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

Frontiers in Water
Detlef Müller-Mahn, Million Gebreyes, Jeremy Allouche, Annapia Debarry -

Capturing Stakeholders’ Challenges of the Food – Water – Energy Nexus – A Participatory Approach for Pune and the Bhima Basin, India

Raphael Karutz, Ines Omann, Steven M. Gorelick, Christian J. A. Klassert et al. - P Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE)

From offshore oil to offshore finance

How tax havens facilitate corruption in the extractive industries
Giovanna Marcolongo & Diego Zambiasi - United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)

Energy saving behaviours of middle class households in Ghana, Peru and the Philippines

Elsevier Energy for Sustainable Development
Babette Never, Sascha Kuhn, Hanna Fuhrmann-Riebel et al. - P German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS)

The notion of Iran as ‘high energy-intensity-country': a critique

Zahra Zarepour - P International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)