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Rapid Review: Vaccine Hesitancy and Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccination

Tabitha Hrynick, Megan Schmidt-Sane, Santiago Ripoll - P Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Investigating initial policy responses to COVID-19: evidence across 59 countries

International Review of Applied Economics
Amrita Saha, Marco Carreras, Evert-Jan Quak - P Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Implications of COVID-19 and Russia’s war in Ukraine for EU-Africa relations – Development finance

European Think Tanks Group (ETTG)
San Bilal, Iliana Olivié, María Santillán O’Shea - P European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)  |  Real Instituto Elcano

From locked-down to locked-in? COVID-induced social practice change across four consumption domains

Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy
Simona Zollet, Julia Siedle , Miriam Bodenheimer, Steven R. McGreevy, Caroline Boules, Clemens Brauer -

Work-Related and Personal Predictors of COVID-19 Transmission: Evidence from the UK and US

Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health
Paul Anand et al. - Development Policy and Practice, the Open University (DPP)