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Morocco, Algeria, Egypt: Assessing EU plans to import hydrogen from North Africa

Michael Barnard - Transnational Institute TNI

A social-ecological systems perspective on the impacts of armed conflict on water resources management: Case studies from the Middle East

Juliane Marie Schillinger, Gül Özerol, Michiel A. Heldeweg - P Governance and Technology for Sustainability, University of Twente (CSTM)

Logistical futures and the Arabian Peninsula

Dialogues in Human Geography
Rafeef Ziadah - P Department of International Development King’s College London (DID)

COVID-19 and Violent Actors in the Global South: An Inter- and Cross-Regional Comparison

GIGA Working Papers
André Bank, Yannick Deepen, Julia Grauvogel, & Sabine Kurtenbach - German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

The colonial legacy of education: evidence from of Tunisia

Mhamed Ben Salah, Cédric Chambru, Maleke Fourati - P The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID)