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Who Are the Global Top 1%?

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08 Aug 2017

2017/01 – King’s International Development Institute (IDI); IDI Working Paper 2017-01; Author(s): Sudhir Anand and Paul Segal - Details

This paper presents the first in-depth analysis of the changing composition of the global income rich and the rising representation of developing countries at the top of the global distribution. We construct global distributions of income between 1988 and 2012 based on both household surveys and the new top incomes data derived from tax records, which better capture the rich who are typically excluded from household surveys.

Seeking outstanding candidates for 3 permanent full-time positions

21 Mar 2017

The Department of International Development is seeking outstanding candidates for the following three permanent full-time positions. Closing date 31 March.

ESRC Grant for ‘Global Poverty and Inequality Dynamics’ in Emerging Economies

Read more: ESRC Grant for ‘Global Poverty and Inequality Dynamics’ in Emerging Economies (external link)
21 Dec 2016

The grant was awarded to Andy Sumner, co-director of King’s International Development Institute and former vice president of EADI.

IDI Working Papers

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11 Dec 2014

The IDI Working Paper series is an intellectual space open to researchers from the King’s Global Institutes and beyond, to share preliminary research findings and proposed new methodologies and frameworks. IDI Working Papers publish research within the IDI's broad interests.

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