New EADI Publication: Building Knowledge Exchange Partnerships. Dialogues across Europe

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04 May 2021

How do you bring together academics, practitioners, and policymakers to advocate and partner for Global Citizenship Education? This is what Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship has been doing since 2018 with partners from all over Europe for a common goal: to promote trans-formative change in society. EADI took the leading role in the work on Knowledge Exchange Partnerships whose results are now presented in this publication.

The Bridge 47 Knowledge Exchange Partnerships brought together higher education and civil society experts who work in transformative learning and education for active citizenship in Europe. The objective of these partnerships  is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and motivate opportunities for cooperation.

So far, the Bridge 47 Knowledge Exchange Partnerships have facilitated trans-European connections in the three regions. What is unique about the knowledge exchange partnerships is that they represent the first of their kind to facilitate dialogue between higher education and civil society experts within the broader 4.7 community in Europe. The partners have contributed from their different perspectives, from ideas to action, and from practical work to further research. Partnerships have laid the ground for the identification and formulation of needs for future research and practice. Read the publication

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