New COVID19 Virtual Dialogue: Kerala’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic: key takeaways, 28 September, 13.30 CET (5pm IST)

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28 Sep 2020

In this 25 minutes talk, S.M. Vijayanand will provide an overview of Kerala’s response to the covid-19 pandemic in the context of the unique development trajectory of this southern Indian state. With development indicators well above national averages, Kerala has shown remarkable resilience following the outbreak of the pandemic.

The talk will focus on the nature of this resilience and some of its key determinants and will be followed by 35 minutes discussion.

S.M. Vijayanand is Former Chief Secretary to the Government of Kerala, and has been extensively involved in Kerala’s decentralisation process for about 15 years. He also served as Secretary to the government of India in the Ministry of Panchayati Raj and has been involved in strengthening civil society organisations, such as women’s self-help groups. He also writes columns and opinion pieces for important policy-focused media.

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