Call for Abstracts: Degrowth meets Development Studies: Two EADI Sessions at Degrowth 2020 Manchester. Deadline extended to 15 March!

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27 Feb 2020

Engaging perspectives on South-North / North South relations:
EADI Roundtable and Workshop at the
7th International Degrowth Conference / 16th International Society of Ecological Economics Joint Conference, Manchester, 1st - 5th September 2020: “Building Alternative Livelihoods in times of ecological and political crisis”

For both events we invite blog-style summaries of around 1000 words (7000 characters including spaces)

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When following discussions in the field of Development Studies. -mostly but not only among those who critically engage with the term “development” – it is obvious that the conclusions drawn are increasingly similar to those presented by Degrowth academics, even if departing from different angles and using different terminologies. Despite this, the exchange between those engaged with degrowth and/or promoting the paradigm to “undevelop the North” and critical Development Studies seems so far limited. Is this a missed opportunity to learn and support each other in achieving the common goal of an equitable and sustainable global society? Combining critical and self-reflective perspectives from both communities can widen perspectives and address possible blind spots to the benefit of both.

In two different events, we seek to arrange exchanges between Degrowth Scholars and those in the field of Development Studies

1)      Roundtable session (approximately 2 hours) with 3-4 speakers, 10-15 minutes presentations each, followed by a moderated discussion

2)       Open Interactive Workshop (approximately 2 hours) in World-Café style with 4-6 open tables, each chaired by a presenter of a short intervention, preferably with a strong opinion

For both events we invite blog-style summaries of around 1000 words (7000 characters including spaces) as a basis for the roundtable presentations or workshop interventions, with the opportunity of publishing them on the EADI blog “Debating Development Research” in the run-up to the conference.
For the Workshop strong or provocative opinion pieces are appreciated. We invite submissions that dive into (but not exclusively) the following questions

  • Critical reflections on Degrowth from a Development Studies Perspective and vice versa
  • Perspectives on South-North / North-South relations
  • Ecological Economics and Development Economics: differences and commonalities
  • Perceptions of Growth Critique in the Global South:
  • Integrating global perspectives

Submission Details: Please submit your proposals by 15 March to Christiane Kliemann at and Susanne von Itter at and indicate whether you propose to be a speaker at the roundtable, or make a workshop intervention to host a World Café table discussion
We will try to select the most interesting combination of topics for both events in order to foster fruitful exchange. For interesting submissions that are not chosen to be presented at one of the events, there is still the opportunity to publish them on the EADI Blog in the related conference series

Background: A growing number of scholars in Development Studies are working on deconstructing and challenging the notion of development, (ab)used as a hegemonic Northern concept equated with growth as progress. They question the relevance of the term and seek for meaningful substitutions not only in the vocabulary but also in the concept and interpretation of development. Degrowth – being a perspective from and for the global North - has much to offer in terms of self-critique of everything taken for granted in the North– whereas Development Studies has a long learning history in partnerships with the Global South and in integrating Southern perspectives.

The 7th International Degrowth and 16th ISEE Joint Conference is the first ever joint conference between the International Degrowth Research Network and the International Society for Ecological Economics. This conference will bring together academics from the Degrowth and Ecological Economics communities, voices from the Global North and Global South, civil society actors, activists, artists and policymakers. It aims to break down silos and stimulate dialogues between and within different perspectives, disciplines and social movements. Building Alternative Livelihoods in times of political and ecological crisis is the overarching theme of the conference. Economic systems have always co-evolved with social, environmental and technological systems. The construction of alternative livelihoods entails a radical transformation of economy, culture and society. What are the institutional arrangements which safely provide for basic needs, social stability and democratic legitimacy in the transition to environmental sustainability? How can both social and ecological justice for the populations of the Global North and the Global South be ensured? How can political support be mobilised for the necessary transformations? How can the transition to environmental sustainability be made politically viable and democratically legitimate?

The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) is a Europe-wide network of institutes, researchers and students of various disciplines in the field of Development Studies. With more than 100 institutional members, it is the leading European network in the field of development research and training.

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