Emissions Gap Report 2019

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06 Dec 2019

2019/11 – November 2019; Author(s): United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi

The latest UNEP Emissions Gap Report reveals that, over the next decade, global emissions need to be cut by 7.6 percent every year to meet 1.5°C Paris target. According to current unconditional pledges, the world is heading for a 3.2°C temperature rise. G20 nations account for 78 per cent of all emissions, but 15 of them have not even committed to a timeline for net-zero emissions. The report finds that greenhouse gas emissions have risen 1.5 per cent per year over the last decade. Emissions in 2018, including from land-use changes such as deforestation, hit a new high of 55.3 gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent

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