Share your innovations! Bridge 47 Call for Project Proposals on Global Citizenship Education

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23 Oct 2019

Are you working in the area of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) or educational innovations? This is a call for proposals opened under the umbrella of Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship. It mobilises and empowers global civil society to contribute to a transformation towards global justice through Global Citizenship Education. We believe education can help us reverse negative global trends. Learn more about Bridge 47 here.

This call for proposals invites innovative and/or experimental projects that help us build our understanding of how to facilitate transformative change through Global Citizenship Education. The maximum project budget should not exceed 7.000 €, with a maximum project grant of 6.650 € (5 % co-financing is requested from project applicant). Successful applicants will be invited to a two-day design thinking workshop in May or June 2019 to showcase their educational innovations.

Deadline for submitting the project proposals is 18th November 2019 (before midnight Brussels, Berlin, Vienna time).

Deadline for submitting the project proposals is 18th November 2019 (before midnight Brussels, Berlin, Vienna time).

Eligible entities are active non-profit organizations established in one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland (Including Northern Ireland), Latvia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia.

More information 

  • Narrative application template (see link above)
  • Budget template (see link above)

EADI Partners are requested to contact:

Talia Vela-Eiden, EADI/Bridge 47 Knowledge Exchange Partnerships Officer,

Communications can be sent in English, German, Spanish and French

Jakub Žaludko, Grant Call Coordinator,

Marjan Huč, Grant Call Coordinator,

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