Bridge47: Tender for a Massive Open Online Course and Publication Consultant - Deadline extended

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08 Oct 2019

For the final stages of the Bridge 47 project, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and Publication Consultant will be identified and integrated into the existing network of Knowledge Exchange Partnerships. Starting in September 2019 the consultant will work on the scientific and technical realisation of the MOOC and the edition of a Knowledge Exchange Partnership Manual (Handbook) until the end of the Bridge 47 project in September 2020. Submission deadline is  31st October 2019. Download the full tender


The purpose of this consultancy is two-fold. First, it is the scientific and technical realisation of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Global Citizenship Education in coordination with the Knowledge Exchange Officer of Bridge 47 at EADI and the inputs of the three regional Knowledge Exchange Consultants, representing the partnerships. Second, the edition of a Handbook, the Knowledge Exchange Partnership Manual, that collects knowledge on Global Citizenship and the experiences gathered and/or produced during the partnerships and the Bridge 47 project and that it should support interested persons and organisations in setting up and replicating Knowledge Partnerships


Based on the EADI concept for a MOOC and publication:

  • Scientific and technical coordination of MOOC development and online release (with an appropriate platform dedicated to online learning) in collaboration with the Knowledge Exchange Officer of Bridge 47 at EADI and the Knowledge Exchange Regional Partnerships Consultants with the support of an IT consultant
  • Developing and editing of a Knowledge Exchange Partnership Manual in coordination with the Knowledge Exchange Officer of Bridge 47 at EADI and the Knowledge Exchange Regional Partnerships Consultants
  • Collecting and editing material (e.g. articles, videos, questionnaires etc.) within the Knowledge Exchange Partnerships and the Bridge 47 project for use in the MOOC and the publication

Main Deliverables

  • A Massive Open Online Course, ready to be uploaded online
  • A Knowledge Exchange Partnership Manual (Handbook) ready to be published


This work will be supported in terms of content by the Knowledge Exchange Officer, responsible for the general coordination of Knowledge Exchange Partnerships within all three regions – namely Iberia, South-Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. The three regional Knowledge Exchange Partnerships Consultants will provide additional support.

In addition, the technical aspects of the MOOC (hardware, software, programming, online design) will be supported by an IT consultant with experience in setting up open online courses in various online platforms and channels.


It is anticipated that this combined work would comprise about 28 days: 14 days for the MOOC and 14 days for the publication.

Personal Specification

  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge of Global Citizenship Education
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching and capacity building on GCE as a lecturer, trainer, in academic and/or non-academic settings
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and producing open online courses in various online platforms and channels
  • Experience in edition and publication of documents
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
  • Ability to write messages for a variety of audiences


The tenderer should include their proposed daily rate, which should include all costs. The successful proposal should include a working budget between €12,400-€14,400 (including VAT).

Tender Methodology:

Please submit your CV and your tender under the following headings: 

  • Contact Information 
  • Relevant Experience 
  • Work plan including timeframe 
  • Budget - including daily rate of consultant.  
  • Two references (including telephone numbers) and web links to your previous work (if available) 

Maximum tender document 2 pages

Tender timeline:

Advertisement published Monday 07October 2019

Deadline for submitting tenders is Thursday 31 October 2019

Selections take place week commencing Monday 04 November 2019

Consultant appointed and starts working from 11 November 2019

Consultant ends working latest: 15 August 2020

Any questions should be directed to Talia Vela-Eiden - Knowledge Exchange Officer,

About Bridge 47

The Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship project mobilises global civil society to contribute to global justice and eradication of poverty through Global Citizenship Education (GCE). The project provides a space for civil society organisations, activists and other interested people to interact with one another, exchange information and resources and develop new and innovative approaches for global citizenship education. The project focuses on joint advocacy efforts and building new partnerships, while it also supports the civil society to develop new and effective approaches to reaching out to new stakeholders and provides tools to promote and act upon Global Citizenship Education. The project works closely with partners engaged in informal and non-formal education and life-long learning with a view to promoting transformative change in society.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda considers education central in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and for the first time in the global context, recognises that parallel efforts are needed to ensure that all lifelong learners, of different ages and backgrounds, acquire the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development as outlined in detail by SDG 4.7.

EADI, the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes takes the leading role in the work on Knowledge Exchange Partnerships which serve to ensure a free flow of information and best practices between research institutions and civil society organisations. This is done by building new and strengthening existing regional partnerships. With a series of events, workshops and conferences over the next years, we are contributing to bridge gaps between civil society organisations and academia. The regional Knowledge Exchange Partnerships in Iberia, South-Eastern Europe and Northern Europe are open to interested civil society organisations and academic institutions.

Further information:

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