Call for special issue papers: Artificial Intelligence in International Development - now closed

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06 Aug 2019

The European Journal of Development Research (EJDR) is now seeking proposals for a special issue on the theme of Artificial Intelligence in International Development. Submission deadline is 30 September. For full details of this special issue call for papers, please click here.

The impact of artificial intelligence technologies on economic and social life has already been dramatic to-date. The application of machine learning has increased productivity across virtually all sectors (Jordan and Mitchell, 2015), such as transport, energy, education, and finance. Individuals in their role as workers, consumers and citizens are seeing their daily lives altered by automation in myriad mundane and stark ways.

The limited empirical analyses and modelling exercises exploring current and future consequences of the application of AI technologies are nearly all explicitly or implicitly focused on advanced economies. However, this planned Special Issue is motivated by the idea that now is an opportune time to examine the existing and potential role of AI in the context of developing countries and emerging markets.

This Special Issue call welcomes proposals of a coherent set of empirical, conceptual, and/or theoretical papers that explore these and/or other facets of artificial intelligence and related technologies in international development. While a single disciplinary focus across papers is acceptable, we strongly encourage proposals that include studies with a diversity of academic approaches such as from economics, political economy, political science, sociology, and other fields.

EJDR also encourages the submission of individual papers relating to the theme of Artificial Intelligence in International Development, outside the corpus of a special issue.

The submission deadline both for proposals with a set of abstracts, and for individual papers, is 30 September 2019.

For full details of this special issue call for papers, please click here.

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