Public Finance for the Future We Want

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05 Jul 2019

2019/06 – Transnational Institute (TNI); book; Editor(s): Lavinia Steinfort, Satoko Kishimoto

This open access book by the Transnational Institute draws on real-world examples to demonstrate that a political economy that curbs the power of big finance and serves people and planet is possible. The ideas shared here are timely and urgent—a call to readiness before the next financial bubble bursts. This book presents visions of regenerative and redistributive economies, built with collective power: from the thriving cooperative economy in Kerala, India, to the hundreds of local saving banks in Germany, the worker-owned bank Banco Popular in Costa Rica, and the thousands of People’s Credit Funds in Vietnam. It explores models that could become the new normal— the basis for a democratically organised and life-sustaining future.

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