New Initiative on Climate Change, Sustainable Development and the Environment, first virtual session on 27 February, 4pm UTC

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27 Feb 2019

In preparation of the EADI General Conference “Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice” in June 2020, our Working Group on the Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development is reaching out for topics, good ideas and new participants.

Drawing on successful activities around previous EADI Conferences, this new initiative seeks to

  • boost discussions on topics and concepts of interest from the field of environment, climate change and related development cooperation
  • collect innovative ideas for preparing a call for papers and/or panels for the upcoming General Conference
  • mobilize interest by scholars, especially young scholars and those from the global South, to engage as co-conveners of the working group’s activities or as members of this exchange platform
  • organize regular virtual exchanges for sharing knowledge, questions and insights, for networking and creating further synergies.

Kicking off a bottom-up process for collecting knowledge, co-generating ideas and proposals

In times where the window of opportunity to avert irreversible environmental damages such as runaway climate change and  biodiversity loss is rapidly closing, it is more important than ever to raise the voice of innovative research and development practice. What are the most pressing issues from the perspectives of different scientific disciplines? How can they best cooperate and propose next steps for collaborative efforts of all concerned actors? What can research do to highlight the linkages between environmental and social concerns and propose solutions? With this initiative, we seek to kick off an open exchange on these and related issues of joint interest.

Let us know about your interests, possible contributions and ideas

Before we have our first virtual discussion via zoom on 27 February, 4 pm (UTC), we invite you to let us know of your interest in participating in the session as well as your possible contribution, interests and proposals, for example:

  • Offering knowledge on a certain topic? (e.g. a presentation on a specific research)
  • Seeking comments on a piece or topic of research?
  • Looking for certain information or contacts?
  • Anything else?

Depending on the received input, the group will define objectives, responsibilities, prioritize topics, and develop a calendar of regular virtual sessions.

Please do share this proposal with any colleagues and others who might be interested!

Looking forward to receiving your ideas and proposals!

Contact: Edith Kürzinger

Previous achievements of the working group:

Three well-attended panel discussion sessions at the 2017 EADI General Conference “Globalisation at the Crossroads” in Bergen, which informed about collaborative approaches, sustainable resource use and climate governance, and gave insights into experiences with collaborative government processes, as well as action research approaches to co-generate knowledge, policies, implementation and evaluation.

Climate-resilient development. Participatory solutions from developing countries” an edited volume by Carrapatoso, Astrid / Kürzinger, Edith (2014), Routledge, contains most of the (revamped) papers presented during the working group’s panel sessions  at the 2011 EADI General Conference in York.

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