Our latest book "Building Development Studies for the New Millennium" is now available!

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16 Jan 2019

We are proud to announce a brandnew volume in the EADI Global Development Series. It brings together multiple critical assessments of the current state and future visions of global development studies. As an appetizer, we have published a brief excerpt of the introduction on our blog: "Development Studies Need Social Engagement"

The book examines how the field engages with new paradigms and narratives, methodologies and scientific impact, and perspectives from the Global South. The authors focus on social and democratic transformation, inclusive development and global environmental issues, and implications for research practices. Leading academics provide an excellent overview of recent insights for post-graduate students and scholars in these research areas.The book

  • Contributes to debates on current state and future visions of international development studies (IDS)
  • Presents contributions of Anglophone, Francophone and Spanish-language social science traditions and academic communities in the global South by leading scholars in the field
  • Discusses recent epistemological and ontological discussions on knowledges and qualities of engaged research

You can order the book or access to separate chapters here

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