No Development Without Freedom revisited

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17 Oct 2018

In September 2017, EADI issued a Statement “No Development Without Freedom”. It expressed “concern about the increasing restrictions imposed on scholars and the academic freedom as well as the freedom of speech in many countries, including within Europe”. Academic freedom includes the choice of subjects for research and teaching on relevant aspects of society and social developments. We therefore join the critical voices when it comes to the decision by the government in Hungary to eliminate Gender Studies from the academic courses offered at universities.

Development, understood as the advocacy for and promotion of human dignity and social justice, cannot eliminate engagement with a fundamental and integral aspect in the reproduction of societies and human interaction. If the reference to “European values” (understood as fundamental universal values) is taken seriously, we must support open societies which respect academic freedom and the need for critical analyses.

EADI stands in solidarity with the scholars and students affected by this intervention.

Henning Melber, EADI President

17 October 2018

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