Successful accreditation of the “Master International Development Studies” offered by the University of Amsterdam

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06 Jul 2018

EADI is delighted to announce the successful accreditation of the “Master International Development Studies” offered by the University of Amsterdam. IAC/EADI wishes to congratulate UvA on the overall excellent quality and unique features of its programme.

The Master International Development Studies programme of the University of Amsterdam is meant to introduce students to development studies as a distinctly multi-disciplinary field. The objectives of the programme include educating students in the history and theories of development, familiarising them with different disciplinary perspectives on development, such as those from sociology, anthropology and human geography, acquainting them with the multi-scalar context of development processes, recognising relations between local, regional, national and global levels and teaching them about interaction and unequal power relations between actors within context-specific institutional environments.

In addition, the programme objectives are for students to acquire research skills, academic skills and professional skills. The IAC / EADI Council stated that the programme “addresses the different disciplinary perspectives on development studies, include critical reflection on current development issues and contexts, deal with societal relevance and normative and policy concerns, and are directed towards research and communication skills”. The IAC Council made a number of recommendations according the IAC / EADI criteria towards the programme, and for developing the programme’s potential to further improve its position.

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