Successful IAC / EADI accreditation of the MSc NGO and Development Management at University of East London

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13 Feb 2018

IAC / EADI congratulates UEL on the overall excellent quality and unique features of its MSc programme NGO and Development Management. This established course, which has been running for ten years, examines the central issues facing developing countries in today’s globalised world, giving students the skills for a job in development and the wider sectors.

The aim of the course is to prepare for a career as an informed and critical development practitioner. Students will be equipped with all the practical skills that are demanded by development agencies and will also gain insight across the wider picture, understanding how developing countries can progress and how the poor can be mobilised to escape from the poverty trap.

The course also explores how NGOs can play a key role in promoting social and economic progress and you will develop the ability to identify, design and implement programmes with a view to engaging with and enhancing the situation of the poor. The programme's students and staff are a diverse group from different backgrounds and your tutors have expertise in many key development regions and countries from South Asia and Latin America to Middle East and Africa.

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