Social health protection in Kenya: Stakeholder workshop held

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02 Jun 2017

Within the Social Health Protection for Inclusive Growth (SHPIG) project a stakeholder workshop was held on 26 May 2017 in Nairobi, to present first findings for Kenya of the two-year research project funded by Wotro. The workshop showed the importance of this kind of workshops for the knowledge management and dissemination, and the interpretation of results.

The researchers involved in the project got valuable advice from stakeholders how to frame their policy messages, and the wording that is advisable for targeting the different stakeholder groups such as government bodies, social security providers, but also caregivers and beneficients of cash transfers. From the SHPIG team, Dr. Bethuel Kinuthia presented on the ‘Technical and Political Challenges of Reforming Social Protection Policy in Kenya‘, while Grace Ikua presented on ‚Implementing Social Protection Policies in Kenya: An uneven development’.

The SHPIG’s project titled ‘Breaking the Vicious Circle of Poverty and Ill-Health; Are Cash Transfers and Social Health Protection Policies in Ghana and Kenya Complementary?’ aims to develop new strategic knowledge on the effectiveness of cash transfer programmes and social health protection policies in both countries, trying to understand if and under which conditions these policies are complementary. The research findings will be published in policy briefs within the next two months.

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