Call for Papers: When Can Frugal Innovations Become Inclusive Innovations?

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17 Jun 2015

This workshop aims to gather a number of in-depth empirical case studies of frugal and inclusive innovation initiatives in order to advance the conceptual debate on inclusive innovation and development. Case studies can come from Africa, Asia or Latin America, and / or can focus on polycentric initiatives involving for example Western, Chinese or Indian multinational companies. Also conceptual contributions are invited.

This workshop is co-organized by the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa and the EADI working group ‘Frugal Innovation and Development’. Next to empirical case studies and presentations, we would like to work towards synthesizing these cases to see how we can advance our understanding of frugal innovation and development. We seek contributions from different geographical regions and different disciplinary fields (from technical sciences to social sciences and humanities). Selected papers will be invited to be reworked for a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal (more detailed information on this will follow later).

Deadline call for abstracts (500 words): 10 July 2015
Selected abstracts will be invited to contribute a full paper, communication can be
expected on 15 July 2015.

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